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CHOKING HAZARD - small parts.jpg


The series “PENIS” explores the male genitalia through geometric-cum-cartoon-like paintings of the simple shapes within the structure of the penis, being the testicles and shaft in contrast to the more complex form of the vagina. Each penis retains the same painting style but with no two penis being alike, illustrating the diversity among our own anatomy. 

We all have sex. It’s natural and it doesn’t need to be something to be ashamed of wanting to explore. Sex is often the catalyst for many kinks and fetishes, so through beautifully simple and insightful pieces, the series ”Where do babies come from?" embodies the simplicity in sex as the foundation for such exploration, with the fundamentals of sex being for reproduction.

Brace Yourself.JPG


The photographic series "My Feet and Mee" features my own feet as they interact with different items. The series delves into the fascination surrounding foot fetishism through provocative yet insightful pieces.

The series "Walk All Over You" captures the sexual act of trampling, where one stands or walks over one’s body as part of foot fetishism, looking at the process through the movement and shapes created during the act.

Golden Shower pt 2.jpg


The series "Fluid Bonding" embodies the use of body fluids in a sexual manner, creating a more open environment surrounding the subject through colourful, playful and risqué depictions.

The stand alone piece “Does size matter?” explores the age old question, does size matter?

Does size matter.jpg
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